Wiki Contribution & Participation

You will be asked to participate and contribute to this Wiki throughout the course. There are primarily 3 ways to participate in a Wiki:

a) Create a new page and link to it from another existing page
b) Edit an existing page. Use this option when you are ready to contribute finished work. The power of Wikis is the ability to co-construct meaning through the collaborative writing. In many cases I will start off a page just to get the topic going, so if you have something to add please do not hesitate. If a page is getting long, creating a table of contents or a new page linked back to the original page might be appropriate. Please use discretion when editing others' work and only do so when you have something to add to the content or if you have learned that the existing content is inaccurate.
c) Post to the discussion tab that is available from every page. This is where more informal interaction, or thoughts in process can be put until you are ready to contribute to the main page. In some cases, you will be asked to help develop a thoughtful discussion before contributing to the main page. For example, under the heading NETS 4 TEACHERS in the left navigation bar, you will see that I have set up the 6 NETS Standards on separate wiki pages. Under the Discussion feature [2nd tab towards the top of the screen] you will see some discussion has already been started. On the main page is where a synthesis of the discussion postings would be contributed. We will discuss this further in class.

Guidelines for Interacting in this Wikispace

I don’t anticipate this to be an issue at all but I always feel it is best to be explicit about my expectations for interacting with each
other in collaborative contexts.

1. Postings should be succinct but provide enough information for the reader to fully understand what you are trying to convey.
2. Responses in the Discussion sections should contain constructive input. I do not count 'filler' responses as contributions [e.g. "I agree", "Way to go" etc]. The goal is to post content that is substantive, contributes to the interactions and ultimately can be synthesized for the main page.
3. I expect professional conduct, respectful interaction, and sharing of experiences and resources.

This is a learning community - communication is the key. Take advantage of this environment to share your learning, contribute to the collective learning of the members of the community. Our goal is to advance understanding in the role of technology in education and what this means for us as educators and the students we teach.