Create A Web Presence

In this activity, you will be establishing your own web presence and linking it to your wiki page. You have several options for creating your web presence and may also choose to develop it further as part of your final Action Research Project. At a minimum it is hoped that you will create a space that you might continue to use in your practice.

In a Web 2.0 world you are no longer required to have sophisticated technology skills. You can choose from the many, often free, Internet-based tools that will allow you to create something quickly and easily. Blogs, Wikis, GoogleDocs or Teacher web-pages that use existing templates are just some examples. Those of you who are more interested in the more sophisticated aspects of web site design, graphic manipulation etc., however, are encouraged to use specialized web development applications such as Go Live or Dreamweaver. You can use the student server at the COE to house your site but of course will need to find a server to transfer it to once you graduate from the program.

We will be looking at some possible options during the Sampling Web 2.0 class, but whatever you decide to use to establish your web presence, just make sure to link the URL to your student page that is linked below.

Student Pages:

Need some ideas for establishing a web presence? Have a look at Sampling Web 2.0