This activity involves sampling a variety of primarily different Web 2.0 technologies. Some will be required - e.g. sampling different types of blog software - and others will be your own choice. Use the sheet provided in class to scaffold your exploration so that we can regroup later and compare notes in class later on. At that time you will contribute your work to the appropriate page below,

Online Learning Environments
Multimedia Web Publishing
RSS - Real Simple Syndication
Second Life
Social Bookmarking
Teacher Websites
Web Conferencing

Other good tools:
Graphic Organizers

Activity Details:
For each assigned technology you will need to do the following:
Read to find out what the technology is about. Start with the text if applicable and then go to the Web.
Often there will be an introductory tour, demo or example on the technology's promotional site. Explore this to get a better idea of the features.
Do a specific Web search to see if you can find any good examples of this technology being used in your teaching subject. Make note of the URL and any relevant useful details so that you can share this information.

Briefly and in your own words, what is this technology about?
What are the strengths of this technology?
What are the limitations of this technology?
Imagine that you have decided to integrate this technology into your practice. Describe what you would use it for and why.
What else would you need to know in order to implement this technology?

Are you sufficiently intrigued to use one of these technologies for your own practice? Why not start experimenting with establishing your virtual presence? Dont forget to link the URL back to your Student Page here in the Wiki.