The purpose of this activity is to become familiar with technologies that are currently being used in your teaching subject and to share your results as a contribution to this learning community. You may add your content under the organizer content pages listed below - in the correct alphabetical order please - and feel free to develop the introduction and conclusion sections. If there is no listing below for your topic, you will need to create a new page by inserting the title on this page where it fits alphabetically, highlighting it and inserting a hyperlink and saving this page. Then you can go to the new page and add your content. In addition to posting your review below, you need to bring a hard copy of your report to class. For details see the Research Review document.

ECE / Elementary

English Language Learners
Math - Elementary
Reading - PreK to 2nd Grade
Reading - Upper Elementary
Social Science K-2

Middle School

English Language Arts
Math- Middle School
Music- Middle School
Science - Middle School

High School

Math - Secondary
Social Studies Secondary


Math Motivation
Science - General
Special Education & Language Development
Technology in Social Studies