NETS*T 2008 new update

National Education Technology Standards & Performance Indicators for Teacher Literacy
external image pdf.png profile.pdf The ISTE Profile for Technology-Literate Teachers outlines Six National Educational Technology Standards [NETS] and Performance Indicators for Teachers.

Previous Discussion pages related to old NETS profile for Technology Literate Teachers

Standard I Technology Operations & Concepts
Standard II Planning & Designing Learning Environments
Standard III Teaching Learning & Curriculum
Standard IV Assessment & Evaluation Techniques
Standard V Productivity & Professional Practice
Standard VI Social Ethical Legal & Human Issues

The NETS is used as an organizing framework for this course, and along with the Action Research model can help set you on a path of professional practice and ongoing development. In this course you will have an opportunity to advance your understanding of NETS through the following two requirement:

1. Contribution to the NETS 4 TEACHERS Discussions [Individual Activity]:
Create at least one posting to each NETS page [e.g. 6 postings] and then create at least one response to someone else's posting.
a. Start by reading each Standards page [see links on the left under NETS4TEACHERS].
b. Read through previous postings by clicking on the Discussion tab on each Standards page.
c. When you are ready to contribute, from the Discussions page scroll down to the bottom where you will see the template to create your posting. Create a subject title for your posting, add content, and click on the Post button to submit your note.