Collaborative Multimedia Projects: Play, Show & Tell
Theme: Introduce yourself
The goal of this assignment is to let you explore with creating a digital video project. What you choose to create is up to you just stick to the theme and follow the specific following guidelines:
  1. Your video can be NO MORE THAN 4 MINUTES
  2. You have 30 minutes to plan and capture
  3. You have 60 minutes to:
  • edit,
  • sequence
  • add an audio track
  • add a title
If you have time you are welcome to explore integrating other things such as transitions.
Your group will present the video to the rest of the class.

Digital video and still cameras will be available in class but are also are available to sign out at the COE at any time. In addition the computer lab has a variety of different software applications that might also be of help. If you are a Mac user, iMovie or Garage Band is a great tool for bringing together various elements. PC users can use Windows Movie Maker.

Some reference materials to help you out...

iMovie Materials

iMovie materials from Apple -
iMovie Workshop (PDF) -
iMovie3&4 Tutorial atomic learning-
iMovie FAQs and issues -
iMovie and Digital Media Resources -
Videoediting with iMovie -
Videoediting with iMovie -
Multimedia reporting and convergance -
Simple video editing using iMovie -

Windows Movie Maker

Atomic Learning Tutorial -
Microsoft help site -
Paul Thurrott's Super Site -
Movie Maker Forum -


The World Wide Web Virtual Audio Library -
Sound America Sound Effects and audio clips -
sound dogs -
Wav. Central -
Sound Clips -
Sound Central downloads -
Music -

Articles and Information

Image Formats on the Web -
Understanding Graphic File Formats -
Image File Formats -
Understanding Digital Images (PDF) -
Virtual Art (PDF) -
Awesome Graphics Using Photoshop (PDF) -
What's wrong with this Picture (altering photos w/ photoshop) (PDF) -
Photoshop, Professional Tips and Tricks -
Photoshop Foundry -

Free Images

Smithsonian Office of Imaging -
Free Images, NASA -
NASA multimedia gallery -
NASA image exchange -
NOAA photo library -
NASA images of Animals, weather -
Free Photographs -
Copyright-friendly images for Education -
Image Collections -
The Amazing Picture Machine -
Microsoft's Free CLip Art and Media -
Clip Art Review -
Free Clip art -
Free Clip art -
Free Clip art -
Free Gifs and Animation -
Free Gifs and Animation -
Free Architectural Gifs and Animation -
Free Animated Gifs -

Images as Format and Information base for Exploration
The Visible Human Project -
Native American Women -
Panoramic Photographs and History -

Display Your Work

Flickr Photo sharing
Photo Bucket
YouTube - broadcast yourself
COE webserver - talk to me about accessing.

Acknowledgment: thanks to Mark Bailey & Mike Charles for sharing their references