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"Whatever befalls the earth befalls the son of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life;
he is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. " ~Chief Seattle (my fifth generation uncle)

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Research Review Project

Updated Action Research Project Proposal:

Project Title
Using ProScopes to Assist Students in Observing Insects

Description of Project
This action research project will be connected to the Insect Unit, which I will be teaching to a second grade class in the fall, during my student teaching. The focus of this project is for the students to learn how to use ProScopes and to use them everyday when they are observing their own mealworms. This will in turn help for further exploration in the life cycle, habitats and eating styles of insects. This will take place during the culmination of the unit to help me assess the insect knowledge the second graders will acquire. I will be creating a lesson plan on ProScopes that I will teach to the students in the beginning of the unit. Once they have used the ProScope in groups, they will then use it everyday to look at their own insects. The ProScope will let them draw and write more in depth in their journals on the size, characteristics and behavior of the insects. The use of the ProScope will also make it a more fun and exploratory unit This project will combine what the students already know about insects (content knowledge) and what I have taught them (pedagogical content knowledge) with an introduction to a new technology that I will teach them that they have not used (technological pedagogical knowledge). It will show the second graders a new way to observe all organisms. This project addresses the NETS standards by: 1) allowing my own knowledge to grow by teaching and using a current technology, 2) supporting the diverse needs of learners by my design and implementation of a technology enhanced lesson, 3) maximizing learning through more than one way for students to explore the wonderful world of insects, 4) applying it as one way of assessment (the students will have two more projects, a journal and interview, for the rest of the unit assessment), 5) developing my own learning by engaging in an area of technology that I have not learned and used yet and by applying it into my classroom lessons, and 6) modeling how to use the technology correctly and to introduce an opportunity to use technology that some students might never have.

Data Collection
I plan on implementing this project in a second grade classroom at Fir Grove Elementary. The insect unit is already over for this grade, so I will be giving a mini lesson on how to use ProScopes. I will give an overview of what the technology is and how to use it. I will then show them an insect and with our human eye we will write observations we see. Then they’ll get into groups and with me there as a guide, they will use the ProScope to look at the insect and write any different or better observations. The point of my teaching is for the students to see how much better it is to see and observe the characteristics of the insect with the ProScope and not just there eye. This project is analyzing how well I can teach a new technological device that the students have never seen. When I teach it in the fall during the unit, the plan is that students will be able to use the ProsScope everyday to observe the changes in their individual mealworms and in the class chrysalis’s. I want to provide to the students a more effective and cooler way to look at insects.

Data Analysis
After I give the mini lesson, I plan on giving the students a 2 question quiz and 4 question survey on what they learned, what they liked/disliked and how well they think the lesson went. From this, I should be able to see how much information they learned and how well they enjoyed the newly introduced technology.

From the results of the survey, I'll evaluate how well my lesson plan went and if I will need to make any adjustments for when I teach it in the fall.