This GoogleDocs website is a place to create your own personal blog. You can create a group blog for teams family or friends, or a personal blog for publishing your thoughts, complaints, views, activities, and classroom updates. Blogger.com shows you how to post photos create a blogger mobile link, add a calendar, and links to other sites. You can also choose who you would like to view your site. A user is able to navigate blogs based on topics of interest to them.

This is a tailor-made blog forum for teachers and educators of all stripes. The site’s strength is that is easily navigated, allowing users to search a variety of topics and find a wide selection of results. One of the limitations of the site is, while it purports to have lesson plans available in all subject areas, very few are actually posted. Integrating this technology into practice would mean expressing your own experience for others to read and comment on, which can benefit personal development as an educator. It would be an excellent site for teachers in their formative years as educators.

A free education community on the internet where teachers can create blogs for free and link them together building an educational learning community. Blogs can include lesson plans, syllabi, posting of materials for students and all manner of useful things. It is a free way of putting your blog online and identifying it as an inherently educational blog. This is the largest educational community on the internet. It is possible to connect with other educators and promote good practices.

Very personal page where you can broadcast your thoughts to the world. It is free to create your own blog. You can keep in touch with people. No one can edit your page and it is more personal than a wiki. Limitations of the blogs are that it is hard to search for people’s sites. The way to incorporate this into your classroom is to have your students create their own blog.