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link to art research

Action Reseach Project

Project Title

“Reading a Painting”

Description of Project

Students will be able to follow a structured method of critiqueing an artwork, and discover its meaning.
The website is easy to navigate. It takes the student through seven questions about Impressionism and offers other sites for them to investigate and compare different artists’ works. The site has a place for students to answer the questions directly and while doing this, build their own art critique of the artwork.
I would like the two students to print off their favorite artwork, share it with the other student, and discuss why it is their favorite.
This project addresses the NETS Standards 1) using technology in the classroom, something i haven't done or seen in an art class.2)the website will support different research techniques and shows lots of visuals. 3) helping me learn through the process set up already on where to research and find more info on artists and their work 4)answering the questions and hearing the students discuss what they found out 5) comparing my thoughts with the students on what they learned and see what would work in the classroom, or a visit to the library, or maybe make it an extra credit assignment, meeting the needs of my computer kids 6) modeling and teaching them how to research correctly and introducing them to some cool art sites.

Data Collection

I will look at their answers and see what they picked as their favorite artwork and learn from them why they picked that certain work of art.. To see if they learned anything new with this wesite or would they have liked to learn about an artist another way? I want them to share with each other their favorite artist and why. It would be great if they could do a mini presentation to the class about Impressionism and a little about the artists. I am curious to find out if they had any art critiqueing in elelmentary school or if they studied either artist.


I hope the students would be excited to do research on their own and maybe excited to share what their favorite artwork and why with the class. I would like to turn this into the 2 students teaching the rest of the class about Impressionism.