Middle School
These are some links for secondary art class resources that can help with ideas for lesson plans, new technology, and visuals you can print and use in class. I have found that if an area doesn't have an art link I go to a social studies link and usually find some fun art information use in class.

The Archaeology Channel http://www.archaeologychannel.org
This resource is found in ISTE under Education Resources and then the link to Curriculum, K-12. This site was not as easy to navigate as some I visited. It has a lot of information available about human cultural heritage. It has links to Video, Audio, News, Resources, and an Interactive link.

I went to resources and then clicked Teacher Resources and then to Lesson plans. There are many different sources listed in this section. For example: Educate the Children, Education World, Family Education Network, Getty ArtsEdNet, (which is the next website I researched).Many had information on what grade the lesson was geared towards which I thought was useful when searching for middle school lesson ideas.

I printed off Social Studies/Arts and Craft lesson plan under the Houghton Mifflin Company, titled Art Around the World. They provided a PDF file of a Map of the World to be used in the classroom lesson, and provided five simple steps for the activity.
I think being a link to a television channel, would be great to provide up to date information and that would make your lessons current and fun! You could really spend a lot of time reading and watching video clips of places all around the world, from Egypt, India, Turkey, Kentucky to Oregon!

The Getty http://www.getty.edu
I found this website researching on the Archaeology Channel. This was my favorite website I found and I think a great resource for artists, teachers and students.

I went to the Education link on the site and came to Search Lesson Plans. I plugged in the info for Grade and Subject. This site is easy to understand and a ton of great information! The lesson I printed off was titled Thirty-Second Look- Getty Center. It was complete with visuals to print off and language to use when teaching.

Each lesson has an Activity, Overview, Learning Objective, Materials, Activity steps and then Questions to ask the students. The website is so simple easy to navigate! They have a link at the bottom of all the pages for printing. It reformats the page to a clean copy. This was a great feature!

This site also has a writing lesson to add to the art lesson incorporating the writing piece that is now suggested at most schools.

The other information available on the site is: Planning a School Visit, Teacher Programs and Resources, Search Lesson Plans, For Kids, College Students and Professors, Teacher Art Exchange and a link for Museum Educators.

This was my favorite website I visited for ease of navigation and ease of printing off info to use in the classroom. It has a free newsletter for K-12 teachers. The website is actually linked to a building called The Getty, which is a place of art exhibits, performances and lectures. Therefore, you know the webpage has new information on it regularly.

Pics4Learning http://www.pics4learning.com
This website is a great place to find copyright-friendly images for education. It is a library for teachers and students that have been donated by students, teachers and amateur photographers. You can browse the site by Topic, 100 Most Popular Images, Lesson Plans, or you can Contribute.

I went to the link Art in the Topic section and then went to Lesson Plans where there were 4 subject areas: Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies. This is where I found the link to the Archaeology Channel under Social Studies subject area. Since there was not an Art link in Lesson Plans, I went to Social Studies and found a lesson for Introducing Impressionism that was fabulous! It contained an Objective, Materials, Process, Extension Ideas and then The Standards for Arts Education.

It has a cool link to print transparencies that you can incorporate in the lessons and incorporates a technique called Image Blender and Photo Shop. It adds another dimension that students can play with in the classroom with technology.

The other important part I found was in the link to Contribute. You can add photos of artwork from your class project and the students can see their artwork posted online!

So this was a fun place to find images for your class lessons and where your class can add their artwork to the website.