Action Research Project: Written Component*
Project Title
This should be descriptive of your study

Description of Project
What are you going to study? …a problem, an instructional method, a web-based tool, an area of interest for exploration, a research question… Where are you going to implement your project? Who are your participants?

This section is where you address how your project maps on to TPCK & NETS [refer to AR Project evaluation Rubric] and include the literature review or theoretical context.

Using the TPCK model to frame your rationale will help provide an argument for the solid design of your research. For instance: for
T – technology would include your reason for using the technology you have chosen;
P- pedagogy would address the type of instructional strategy/ies you used to create and teach the activity [think ed psych class];
CK- content knowledge would be a statement about the content - why you chose it, etc [e.g. is there perhaps a state benchmark you are addressing here?].

NETS as discussed in class provides the standard for technology literacy. You can include a brief statement here about how you see your project aligning with standards [this is separate from the final NETS self evaluation that you will be doing at the end of the course]

Finally, you may choose to strengthen your project by linking your research to a Literature Review or Theoretical Context.
For the Literature Review or Theoretical Context you have 3 options: a) omit; b) do before you collect data, c) include in later in the conclusions section as a comparison to your findings. [See chapter 3].

Data Collection
What kind of data did you collect? Over what time duration? What method or tool did you use for collecting it? Include your tools as a appendix where applicable [See chapter 4 for details]

Data Analysis
What were the results of your data analysis? Emergent themes, categories, patterns? [See chapter 5 for more]

Data Findings
Provide a descriptive overview with illustrative samples or examples to support what you learned

Conclusions and Recommendations
Summarize your interpretation of what the data meant, and your conclusion. This is also a good place to compare to the literature as well

Plan of Action
Based on what you learned, your final thoughts and evaluation of your study, what are your next steps? [See chapter 6 for more details.]

*This template is based on the