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Research Review
School Technology Inventory. See guideline in PDF.
Self Evaluation Rubric based on NETS with Examples. To be completed last day of class

Previous Action Research Technology Project Titles
Exploring the use of Animation in High School Mathematics
Using PowerPoint to teach Calculators in 2nd Grade Math Class
Exploring PowerPoint in Younger Elementary Grades
A Visual Web-based Resource for Special Education
Using Wikis for Student Lead Peer-Reviewed Writing in High School Language Arts
A Student Friendly Web Page for Spanish Language
Wikis & Community Authorship in Creative Writing
Teacher Web Page for Elementary School
Interactive PowerPoint for First Graders
Exploring the Meaning of Idioms using PowerPoint for ELL
Applications of Excel for Assessment & Record Keeping: A Template for Teachers
Using Teacher Web for Communication & Learning with Middle School ELL Students & their Parents
Using NonEuclid in conjunction with PowerPoint to introduce high school students to non-Euclidean Geometry
Exploring the Effectiveness of Using Technology to Engage Unfocused Learners.