Welcome to the Technology Across the Curriculum [edutac] Wikispace!


About This Space
This space has been created as a venue to explore the possibilities of using wikis in teaching practice. This wiki is currently protected, that is, it can be seen by everyone, but only space members [i.e. course members] can edit pages. There is the option to protect it further so that only members can see it, but I’m trying to keep with the collaborative learning community spirit here [plus it also costs money for this feature].

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE that participating in this WIKI means that YOU GIVE CONSENT to sharing your work with others and that you understand this is a public space that is viewed by others. Please see me if you have any questions.

Getting Started
I recommend that you start by learning a bit about what a wiki is. There are short tours you can take with tips on how to use wikis. You can also cut and paste in from Word but some formatting may get lost in the transition. You will want to learn how to create and edit your own wiki page as you'll be adding your own knowledge or work. We will be discussing this further in class, but I just want to give you a heads up.

Once you have become more familiar with using a Wiki you can start by looking at the COURSE OVERVIEW which outlines the requirements for this course and has information on the syllabus, schedule and organizing frameworks used in this course.

WIKI CONTRIBUTION: this course is designed with the intent to support the emergence of a learning community for education. As such you will be asked to contribute your learning, share resources and provide constructive input to members of this community. The key thing to remember in WIKI is that this is a collaborative space. You are welcome at any time to edit pages and contribute additional knowledge or related references but I ask that you do it responsibly and take care not to inadvertently delete other people's work. We will be going through this in more detail in class.

Need Help?
For more information on how to use Wikispaces or format pages, see the help section provided by wikispaces.com [the help link is also available at the top right corner of your screen]. In the event that you decide to try integrating wikis into your own practice,
Teachers First Wiki Walk-Through is an excellent site that introduces the concept of wikis in education and how they might be used.

Contact Me
If you need to contact me email at zijdemans@pacificu.edu

I would like to recognize my colleagues Mark Bailey and Mike Charles particularly with respect to the resources that they have found to support the teaching of Technology Across the Curriculum at Pacific University.